Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is The Consumer's Action Plan™?
  2. What does it provide a Member?
  3. Isn't that why I have insurance?
  4. Why does The Plan exist?
  5. What is the mission of The Plan?
  6. Why should I become a member?
  7. Why can't I get this from "my" Insurance Agent?
  8. What does membership cost?
  9. Give me a recap of The Consumer's Action Plan benefits.
What is The Consumer's Action Plan™?
ThePlan is personal risk management and contingency plan for individuals, and small business owners in the form of a membership. ThePlan provides its members with education, risk management tools and support services for their homes, property, vehicles, or a business.


What does it provide a Member?
It provides you with nine (9)  specific benefits in addition to access to ACTION PLAN(s) to prevent unwanted events and manage  those which occur. ThePlan provides a holistic approach for managing your assets and the loss of valuable time each year.


Isn't that why I have insurance?
Absolutely not!  
Insurance is merely a refunding mechanism to replace the financial losses you can prove following an event.

ThePlan provides its members with true protection and risk management plans that insurance companies don't want you to know. One of the nine benefits of ThePlan is having experienced people on your side if you ever need to recover from a disaster and file a claim.  Why should any insurance company help you how to collect large sums from them?

Collecting your due from insurance companies can be more devastating than the loss. The time and energy you must expend to get what you're entitled to, is never paid for by insurance.


Why does The Plan exist?
To safeguard the time, energy and sanity of our Members. Consumers with above-average intelligence realize that their time and energy are valuable commodities that need to be protected. Until now consumers relied on insurance companies to protect their assets.

Because insurance has no incentive to conserve a consumer's time, energy or sanity... The Plan protects its Members from these (alleged) protectors. 

It's about strength in numbers. The Plan exist to empower each Member with the strength of a mountain - rather than just being a grain of sand in the desert.

The Consumer's Action Plan is a single method for a lone consumer to access quality information on proactive risk management techniques, loss prevention and recovery services and to provide the clout needed when negotiating with any financial institutions.


What is the mission of The Plan?
To serve its members' interests at all times by providing education, strength in numbers, quality information and support services.


Why should I become a Member?
Because you want to make right decisions today - and enjoy tomorrow.

Because you want to know you did all you could and took advantage of all that was avaiable to you.

Because you want to avoid looking back and admitting that you could have fastened that seat belt.

Because you know that you're just one David up against the Goliaths - without clout.

Because, for you, this is the best financial and risk reduction program available in the entire world.

Because $89.00 is a drop in the bucket when you look at the benefits.


Why can't I get this from "my" insurance Agent?
For several reasons. The first is that you don't have an insurance Agent. If you did have an insurance Agent, he or she would be referred to as a Consumer's Agent.

Consumers do not have insurance Agents. Only insurance companies do. In spite of what you have been trained to believe, insurance Agents work exclusively for insurance companies, not for consumers. Moreover, they are legally bound to protect the interest of the insurance company…not yours. (Advertising executives created the term, MY AGENT to make the purchase of insurance more friendly.)

This is the mission and purpose of The Consumer's Action Plan. Members have a Consumer's Agent to represent and to truly protect their interests.


How little is the membership investment?
$89.00 per year. First time members get a special offer of 50% off!


Give me a recap of the benefits of The Consumer's Action Plan.

The Consumer's Action Plan is a membership organization that provides education, risk management tools and support services for its Members.

Membership Features and Benefits include:

  • Owner's Locator Plan - unique system allows you to be notified when there's a problem with your home
  • Education - informative bulletins on line, and articles that provide you time and money savings
  • Personal Coaching - Provide personalized coaching assistance when you have a legitimate claim 
  • Vehicle Recovery Plan - unique system increases your chance of retrieving your car if stolen
  • Better Service Plan - Members share their opinions of service providers of all kinds
  • Claims With Clout - Insurance claims are settled rapidly and fairly for Plan Members
  • Insurance Company Rating - Members chose an insurer based on how they pay claims - not cost alone
  • Win The Claim Game - Each Member receives this book, written by Ron Alford, Consumer Educator
  • Member Discounts - Members receive 20%+ discounts on products, services and educational materials


T h e   B o t t o m   L i n e . . .

As a Member of The Plan you can be a much wiser person

by having access to expert information and belonging to an organization
with an army of allies on your team.

OK, OK.  I'm convinced. How do I become a member?



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Updated: August 01, 2003
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