Clutter Clutter Clutter

About 3-5 percent of the adult population have a
condition which we refer to as 


the fear of getting rid of stuff.

This affliction is also know as "hoarders" and the "Collyer Brothers" syndrome. In real terms "Pack Rats".

More often than not, the smarter people are, the more apt they are to be disposophobics.

Professionals such as doctors, writers, accountants, lawyers, editors, artists, etc. are amongst our many clients with this ailment.

No matter what you call it  "CLUTTER"  is a latent disaster waiting to occur for any occupant or visitor who enters the cluttered premises. These conditions always present a true fire and health hazard.

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DISASTER MASTERS has a specific division that deals with these conditions and more.

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Clutter Management


The main problem with solving this dilemma for the client is

mixed amongst the clutter are all sorts of valuables that the

client does not know how to identify.

The results, they want to keep everything.



This process requires an adroit project manager and a highly trained staff who must possess a multitude of skills which are.

  1. Being able to understand the short and long term needs of the the patient and/or clients.
  2. The ability to assess the scope and size of the project and provide a guaranteed bid and time frame to cure the problem.
  3. The ability to gain and maintain control of the situation throughout the project to avoid loss of time and assets.
  4. The wisdom to be able to appraise the contents for real and sentimental values.
  5. A high degree of organizational skills while working in unpleasant surroundings.
  6. The ability to direct the project's staff and negotiate with lawyers, agents,   landlords, managers, government agencies who often interrupt the progress of the project.
  7. The goal of win, win, win so that all concerned do not lose assets or dignity during the process.


First things first.

To intelligently assess any situation, an on-site evaluation is mandatory.

This on-site appraisal provides the project manager with the information needed to present a creditable written report of findings as well as being able to propose a realistic recovery plan of action which includes a time frame and fixed dollar amount.

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