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Disaster Management and Recovery Services
Fire, Flood, Windstorm,


Fire, Water or Wind damage is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Instantly these events become overwhelming for everyone.

What's worse?

Insurance companies and their Agents are not in business to provide disaster victims with detailed instructions and assistance on how to collect tens of thousands of dollars from their company.

As a result, victims always lose time, dollars and energy that can never be recovered when they don't know how.  More often than not, insurance Agents, adjusters and contractors are a large part of the problem rather than the solution following a disaster. All too often victims look to the insurance company for information and advice which makes recovery longer and more expensive.

To avoid  aggravation and the additional losses of time and money, victims of disasters must know that the "Disaster Recovery Process" must be divided into two separate projects.

1. Physical Recovery. The  necessary functions of securing emergency services, selecting and negotiating with competent contractors, letting bids,  overseeing contractor's work, inspections of the project to assure that damaged items are promptly and correctly  restored, replaced or rebuilt  to its pre-damaged condition.

2. Financial Recovery The process of documenting losses,and presenting the insurance company with a "PROOF of LOSS Document in such a way that the insurance company cannot deny or compromise the settlement.

Victims, failure to separate these important issues will only confuse and delay the entire recovery process.  Since few people have the wisdom to do it right on the first try, professional assistance and guidance is invaluable.

One call to 1 800 THE CLAIM will get you the services you need and the claims assistance that you must present to the insurance company.

Expecting any insurance company or their agent to provide you with free assistance and the wherewithal to collect large sums of money from them is not in your best interest.

Call now for full disclosure on your best method to get back to normal in the fastest possible time.