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 The Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff..

People who suffer from maladies such as depression or obsessive compulsive disorders often end up buying things, bringing them home and dropping them.  Rather than looking for what they own, they simply go out and buy more and do the same thing.....over and over and over again.  We call this behavior..... Shop n Drop.

This is only one of the many issues that we address and provide solutions.

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The Silver Case Examples

Click here to see a 9 on the clutter scale

OCD bedroom shop and drop chair too many papers
kitchen project halfway finished living room clutter a depressed woman's studio
ring buried underneath clutter four TVs and a piano buried barely visible fourth TV
old clothes four feet high mess unusable refrigerator no exit
humorous shirt room of papers clothes galore

The Silver Case Examples

 Click here to see a 9 on the clutter scale

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