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  Book Section - Soft Covers only  

        Car Insurance Secrets  Paperback  by Ron Alford
                                            The Stuff You Need to Keep You in the Drivers Seat

 188 pp  $14.95  +   S/H $4.05  Total  $19.00 Delivered 1st Class Mail 

howsnew.gif (5727 bytes)   How to Win the Insurance Claim Game...$12.95
 The instruction book for home and business owners claims

                                                                       110pp   S/H $4.05  Delivered Price $17.00

crimenew.gif (6446 bytes)    The Crime of the Century Insurance...$19.95                                    Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy INSURANCE

                                                                                12 pp  S/H $4.05 Delivered $24.00 

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  Risk Management Tools

vamp.jpg (18933 bytes)    VAMP  Vehicle Accident Management Plan..     $29.95

 Learn More about the now The VAMP while you are taking Pro-Active Measurers to save your time, money and grief. Click here to see a larger photo of the VAMP 

vrpdecaly.jpg (30214 bytes)  SVRP  Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plan annual....     $19.95

Click here to learn more about the SVRP now before your car is stolen to increase the odds of getting it back.

                                                                                                       S/H $4.05 on most orders

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