Outsmarting Insurance Agents

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How to outsmart insurer's Agents

Some insurance companies like to brag about their financial strength.

Others like to brag about who they insure.

Others like to brag about their friendly agents.

Others like to brag about their low, low prices.

Most will brag about all of the above.

Yet none of that matters. There is only one reason to purchase any insurance policy:


and how they are paid

Here are 4 easy steps for managing insurance purchases intelligently.

1. Decide on exactly what coverages you want.

2. Identify at least 12 insurance Agents in your area and get their fax numbers.

3. Click on this form ,and then print or save it as a text file on your computer. After saving it, open it from a wordprocessor or your favorite text editor and fill it out. Then print it and fax it to all 12 or more agents.

You can expect about 4 responses, the remaining Agents are not worthy of your business.

You are already light-years ahead in the insurance purchasing process.

4. When you have obtained quotes from 4 insurance companies, then it is time to have these companies rated on how they pay claims click on the Insurance Company Ratings

Insurers Claim Rating Service

To find out how insurers treat you as a victim.


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