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August 3rd, 2009

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  1. admin says:

    Did you miss the Disposophobia web site? How could you get here without seeing the 10 FAQ and Nation Wide services? If you are committed to fix your life all you need to do to initiate your recovery plan is to dial 1 800 ThePlan and ask for Ron Alford.

  2. Lynn says:

    I don’t have as much clutter as these, but I do have a lot. It was due to me being disabled and not being able to physically remove the stuff myself. How do disabled people get services for this problem. Not one agency will help in the city in which I live. I cannot receive any help because I am over 30 and not an elder of 65. I have children one is too young to help the other is a teen mom and unable to help. How does a disabled mom get help. I have head trama and multiple chronic illnesses. I have called ever agency and they refuse to help.

  3. Lynn says:

    I called almost every agency except Red Cross Every Agencey said to call a different one. Independant living center is for disabled people but said they don’t do this. Who does this. I cannot afford to pay anyone as I am disabled and on a fixed income. Our government agencies get money and we pay taxes when we work and are healthy. How is it that in the 2010 a disabled mom can be denied help. I even volenteered CPS they said they don’t know of any agency and cannot help unless the agency they already send that is too busy with too many cases is willing to help. As is she misses days because she has too big caseload. CPS said it is not their job. What organizaiton suppose to help.

  4. Annie says:

    My husband has a hard time throwing away paperwork and anything he might have some use for in the future. He actually bought a building in which to put his ’stuff’. His father and brothers are all this way so I suppose it is a learned behavior. My husband finally recognized the problem but I don’t know if he can actually start to throw this stuff away. What should I suggest first?

  5. Derrick says:

    My mother has a major hoarding problem. She has come to grips with the fact that she is a hoarder but can’t fix it on her own and can’t seem to find help she can afford. I try to help but it’s far beyond my capibility. What can I do, what can you do, please help!

  6. Ron Alford says:

    The one only and best way for your mother to change and recover from her current behaviour is for her to pick up the phone and call me for help.

    If she does not do that then there is little we can do for you.

    The key is for her to take responsibilty for her actions and inactions and then deal with it.

  7. Sue says:

    What is the difference between hoarding and being a pack rat? How can you tell if you are truly a hoarder and is there couseling available for this?

  8. Ron Alford says:

    Sue: The video at should be as clear as crystal glass.

    It was created by Me Ron Alford to prevent me from having long winded conversations from family members telling me their history and how long this has been going on.

    The video also says in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, P L E A S E dont call me and ask me to judge what a project MAY cost. After 35 years and thousands of revovery projects I am still not smart or supid enough to GUESS. TRY, FAIL, ESTIMATE and APOLOGIZE are not in my vocabulary as we simply don’t need to use these words. When I told you that I had another phone call to answer you just kept on talking and did not listen to a word I had to say. You can waste as much time as you want but not mine.
    And one more thing, since you did not have the courtesy to listen. The reason we suggest that photos to be sent to us is so that we CAN produce a cretible proposal for a recovery project and a GURRANTEED cost and time frame. We have completed projects around the USA in the thousands and not one person has ever said “shame on you. To the contrary. They all say … Thanks for giving me my life back and teaching me how to think differently from now on.

  9. Thank you for the great info here. Are you familiar with anything regarding black mold? We have some in our bathroom and I am wondering if it could be making us sick. We’ve removed it several times using various cleaners but nothing seems to work. I found online somewhere else that this type of mold can cause you to have allergic reactions to other things that you were never allergic to prior to black mold exposure. Any ideas as to black mold treatment and/or how to get rid of it for good? Thanks.

  10. Ron Alford says:

    Lung Skin issues are often found.

  11. crystal m says:

    I want to help an elderly couple, but they are so resistant ant dont want to, how can i persuade them to get rid off so many things that they dont use and dont need? Please help.

  12. buriedalive says:

    Since I started looking at your site, I see myself everywhere I turn. I’m going to ask my husband about spending the $150 to send you pics and see if you can counsel me out of this mess. I’m so overwhelmed and depressed; my husband made an EXTREME job transition from driving a desk to driving a truck just recently, so that’s made it even worse because he is NEVER home and I’m horribly lonely. I hope I can afford your services!

    p.s. if “admin” would use the name from the post they are answering, it would be very helpful.

  13. Ron Alford says:

    Thanks for your honesty.
    Here is the deal on cost. It is much more cost efficient to cure the habit than to continue with it. Cluttering is just like drinking, smoking, drugs etc. It can be managed but not with therapy or drugs only one on one coaching will do and most of all a commitment from you to have a better life.

  14. Ron Alford says:

    Resistant is the word. You can take a horse to water but you can not make one drink.
    If and when they want to fix themselvs tell them to call me at 1 800 THE PLAN and they will have better than an 80 percent chance to live a much better life.


  15. Susie says:

    I know of a home (locally) whom hoards cats. The owners have over 17 cats. Although there are no physical signs of feces around visually there are constant urination on the sofas, curtains, on the counters tops where these people eat and process food daily for human consumption. The home reeks of urine even prior to entering the front door. Is this hoarding? Is there a fine in the El Paso area and if so what are the fines…approximately?

  16. Susie says:

    After reading several articles here I realize that the neighbor’s problem goes beyond hoarding cats. Their garage is stuffed to the max of things that have outlived usefulness. They also have a second bedroom that is used as an office which has papers and stuff stacked in piles.

  17. Ron Alford says:

    The only and best thing you can do for them and the cats is to contact the animal control board. It may be the ASPCA or other name in your town.
    The cats dont need to live this way and the spouse is surley being abused too. This kind of action may, just MAY get their attention and allow them to seek qualified help such as ours. Good luck.

  18. Ron Alford says:

    although I am a desendent of the Cherokee Tribe, this is no place to put a sales pitch.

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