The Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plan SM

Without The Stolen Vehicle  Recovery Plan, you may never see your car again.


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When your car is stolen for a "joy ride" and then abandoned miles away or in another town, the police may never find your car.   With a $50.00 reward decal on the windows and a toll free number to call, most people will call to tell us where your car is located.

Without this unique recovery plan, it may take months or more for the police  to locate your car on the street or in a parking lot.

The Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plan SM .  dramatically  increases your chances of finding and getting your car back,.

The Consumer's Action Plan's members get two of these decals in their kit. They must be placed on the inside of the windows of your vehicle(s) for them to work.

When your car is stolen, you must report it to the authorities and then call The Plan Headquarters in order for us to pay the reward.

We will pay the finder a $50.00 Reward.

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Updated: 04/20/01
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