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The Plan

NY Organizers


Before you undertake a new project;

Before there's an emergency;

Before you're faced with a serious problem...

Dial 1-800 THE PLAN
The DISASTER MASTERS® are here to provide you or your company with a wide array of management ... prevention.... protection, and recovery services.

Fast, quality, precise information from a staff of highly qualified subject matter experts is the foundation of the DISASTER MASTERS® success story that started back in 1972.

The DISASTER MASTERS® are qualified to help you to manage the pitfalls in life and business using proven strategic planning and superior crisis management skills.

Most important is wisdom.

Wisdom which has come from decades of on-site experience.

As the oldest and most experienced Disaster Management Firm in the USA, you can count on our experience that has come from thousands of clients who have utilized the DISASTER MASTERS®.

Our staff has a combined experience of more than 150 years, which can be yours with a phone call.

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