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Why do I need Disaster Masters®?

Out-of-course events, business disruptions of any sort, occur with infinite variation. Whatever their cause or nature, one fact is common. They are very costly. They can prevent one or more departments, or the entire firm, from functioning now - or ever again! Without proper planning and safeguards, a minor issue can quickly grow into a disaster which can cause the collapse of your organization. As managers, we must be prepared to respond immediately and efficiently to any out-of-course event. Put another way, the penalty for failing to have appropriate action plans in place is irrevocable loss of time and money.

Given a choice, wise building owners and managers would rather prevent a disaster than be forced to recover from one! Disaster Masters Inc. ® provides a unique service, which will save you from having to endure many unwanted events. Disaster Masters' experience with more than 13,000 calamities over the last 22 years proves one doubt beyond a point. Disaster Prevention is much easier on your wallet and your nerves than disaster recovery.

In every building and company there are tiny time bombs just waiting to go off. We call them Disaster Seeds™ and you may never notice them, until it's too late. Our unique Vulnerability Assessment Audit detects Disaster Seeds™ and suggests cost-effective ways to remove them. You have two choices. You can protect your organization and your property now or wait until a Disaster Seed™ grows into a situation which forces you into disaster recovery.

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