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Owning Real Estate Has Two Sides, Pleasure & Pain

Owning real estate has its ups and downs. When everything is going well, nothing could be finer. Yet... when unplanned events happen, real estate becomes a living hell.
I found that a Problem Prevention Check-Up is a new and better way to confront an age-old problem. Emergencies.

Just imagine a $3.00 hose to your washing machine breaking and causing you weeks of mayhem, lost time and grief plus $4,600.00 in damages! It happened to me…

Yes, some insurance policies do pay for most of the damages, but, you must very well earn it by investing your time and energy. Your lost time is never paid for by insurance.

According to Ron Alford, Managing Director of Disaster Masters ® the best way to cure most real estate problems is to identify the seeds of disaster (Disaster Seeds™) and then eliminate them before they blossom into expensive emergency services or into a full-blown disaster.

Because emergency services always cost the owner the loss of his time and money, it is far better to stay on top of the things that are likely to go wrong, rather than wait until they occur. Also, it makes good sense to have a contingency plan for unavoidable emergencies; a simple plan that can be implemented with one phone call.

Alford says "Even the most sophisticated of property owners are rarely able to identify and fix dormant disasters because they are simply too close to the issues or don't have a clue about what to look for and where to start. Moreover, building and maintenance contractors who work with property every day become blind to ordinary things which are likely to cause serious damage. In too many cases, incompetence of the contractors is the problem.

It takes people with special training to be able to locate disaster seeds and recommend cost-efficient remedies. For example, Alford has managed over 13,000 insurance claims during his career and has special training in disaster prevention. Of the thousands of claims he has managed, he said "In almost all of these cases, these events could have been prevented if the property owner had sought advice on how to Disaster Proof his or her property."

Alford says, "Every building and piece of property, every house has an infinite number of hidden problems waiting for the opportunity to blossom in to a real pain for the owner."

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