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Before the Disaster

Will your company survive a disaster when it strikes?
Most disasters are preventable

  1. Disaster Masters Inc. ® provides a unique Disaster Prevention Audit which will save you from having to endure many unwanted situations. Disaster Master's experience with more than 13,000 calamaties since 1973 years proves one point beyond a doubt. Disaster prevention is much easier on your wallet and your nerves than a disaster recovery.
  2. In every building and company there are tiny time bombs just waiting to go off. We call them Disaster Seeds™ and you may never notice them, until it's too late. Our unique Vulnerability Assessment Audit detects Disaster Seeds™ and suggests cost-effective ways to remove them. This assessment also uncovers hard-dollar savings for you, which, in effect, makes this service pay for itself.
  3. Today, you have two choices.

Manage disasters by avoiding them through planning or wait and be forced into an emergency situation you could have prevented.

For Disaster Prevention and Planning

For Procrastinators

Choosing the right firm to develop and implement your contingency plan is a critical decision. Disaster Masters ® offers you an international network of experienced professionals who are experts in all phases of business continuation planning.

Disaster Masters ® brings you first-hand experience and insight into all aspects of what really happens before a disaster.

Because the information your business needs to function is your single, most-valued asset, we start with a Critical Business Information Audit and Evaluation. This is the first action-step in the plan to assure that an out-of-course event will not become a catastrophe, and that - if disaster does strike - you will have the vital information available to enable your operations to quickly bounce back.

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