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Personal and Family Issues

Estate Liquidations and Management

Having to liquidate a parent's or relative's estate is generally a
once-in-a-lifetime event.

This event is rarely convenient and is always a stressful situation.

In most cases "haste makes waste" due to the lack of experience in these matters, yet prompt action is crucial to avoid the loss of time, dollars and prolonged grief.

Rushing causes mistakes (money) and procrastination or delays cause the irrevocable losses of time which can end up costing more than than the assets are worth. The difference is knowing the difference.

DMI provides that difference in that we have been there, done that hundreds of times which can be a valuable asset.

To combat these unfavorable facts, the DISASTER MASTERS ® staff are seasoned professionals who are available to assist family members or the legal system and attorneys to expedite the process in a cost effective method.

Professional Liquidation Management does not cost, it pays by garnering more money from the sale of assets and the saving of time and aggravation for the family.

To find out more about these unique services call.

1 800 THE-PLAN (843-7526)

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