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Tough Interview Questions That Will Intrigue Your Audience

1. Why should they never call the insurance agent first when they are involved in an accident?

2. How do you make sure your car is repaired back to it's pre-accident condition, not replaced with imitation parts?

3. Why shouldn't I buy an umbrella policy that covers me for millions of dollars?

4. But my insurance agent is my friend. He's really nice and cares about me, right?

5. What do I do if the insurance company won't pay my claim?

6. Why should you not let an insurance agent fill out your application?

7. Why should you never buy insurance until you know how to collect money?

8. Why should you select a collision repair company before you have an accident?

9. What should you tell the tow truck driver?

10. How do you choose a towing and auto-body repair shop without getting ripped off?

11. How do you find the best insurance company before talking to an agent?

12. How do you determine the essential difference between insurance companies?

13. What is the proper way to file an insurance claim and get back everything you are entitled to?

14. How do shoddy collision repair facilities and fly-by-night shops save money for insurers and ruin your car?

15. What is the best way to get back every claim dollar you deserve?

16. How can our listeners get the best deal in car insurance?

17. How do you avoid insurance companies with bad claim paying records?

18. How do I ensure that my warranty or lease won't be affected by the repairs?

19. Why should I consider my policy a legal contract?

20. When do you truly know if you have a great insurance company?

21. What is the true job of the insurance adjustor?

22. How do I know which insurance company to trust? Do you have any suggestions?

23. What is the difference between an "Insurance Agent" and an "Insurance Broker"?

24. what is "loss ratio" and why is that important?

25. How can our listeners get a copy of "Car Insurance Secrets"?


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