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Car Insurance Secrets

Ron Alford’s newest book that will keep you in the Driver’s Seat!

A Real Piece of Mind, July 11, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Seattle, Washington

Every woman car owner should read this book right now!  The knowledge I got saved me $2300 when I had an accident.  I never thought I'd read any book about 'insurance'—but this one is a page-turner.  It gave me instant insight and confidence to manage an ugly situation and come out okay.  Before this, I had no idea what really goes on when your car is repaired and how awful it is to get an insurance company to do the right thing.  This book is now my BIBLE—and I give to everyone I know who buys a new car!

Read It-Before You Learn the Hard Way, April 23, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Atlanta, Georgia

I heard the author, Ron Alford, on a radio interview—AFTER I had an accident.  If I'd read this BEFORE it happened—I probably would have saved a lot of time, money and problems, because I would have known how to manage the whole process.  It's a great book.  I keep referring back to it.


Ron Alford has been the subject of feature articles in The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, Venture, The New Yorker and many more.  He has delighted audiences on many radio and television shows with his humorous and candid answers to many important and unusual questions like:

  • Why should you never buy insurance until you know how to collect the money?
  • Why should you never call the insurance company first when you are involved in an accident?
  • What to tell a tow truck driver that will say you thousands?
  • Why should you never let an insurance agent fill out your application?

Watch your phone lines light up when Ron Alford answers these questions and many more. 

A dynamic, articulate guest, Alford quickly gets listeners involved in the interview.  What he does best is take a subject that most people don’t want to discuss and awaken the audience to the point where they won’t stop asking questions. 

Remember: Insurance Companies are in the business of making money and the money you collect on your claim means a loss to them.  That's not good for business!

Before you buy, insurance salespersons refer to you as a Prospect.    ( an asset )
During the time you are insured, you are known as a Client.            ( an asset )
After your file a claim, you are automatically labeled a Claimant.    ( a serious liability)
Insurance Companies have an army of people to protect them against their own customers who become claimants…

Who is protecting your interests?

Fight Back, Get Educated, Protect Your Listeners
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