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Ron Alford is a recognized authority on Crisis Management, Disaster Prevention, Risk Management, Disaster Recovery Planning and the Recovery Process.

He is a personal coach, professional speaker and proactive Crisis Management expert.

His 25-year career as the Director for DISASTER MASTERS Inc.® and the management of thousands of claims for insurance victims has given him experience and insight which enables him to view people under severe stress, organizations, buildings, contents, in a completely different framework. 

His personal coaching services, books, articles, speaking and consulting assignments are provided in plain language so that participants get real value.  He is available for one-to-one personal coaching, tele-coaching, corporate consultations, speaking engagements and to provide Crisis Management Audits for individuals, property or organizations of any size.

Published Books

  • How to Win the Insurance Claim Game
  • The Crime of the Century - Insurance


  • Auto Insurance Secrets
  • How to Manage your Disaster Recovery Misery Index
  • Disaster Seeds™  Why find and eliminate them.
  • Auto Wreck Management Planning
  • How to Easily Understand any Insurance Policy
  • RFP, The Consumer's Guide to Get What You Want From Insurance
  • Disaster Prevention and Recovery for Small and Medium Companies
  • Counter-Terrorism for Consumers Against Big Business with Strategic Media


Print Appearances

Alford has been the focus of major articles in The New York Times,
The Daily News, New York NewsdayThe New Yorker Magazine,
Good Housekeeping, Home Mechanix, The Philadelphia Enquirer and dozens more.

 Radio & TV Appearances

As an expert in crisis management, disaster recovery and the insurance claims process, Mr. Alford has appeared as a guest expert on over 450 radio and TV programs from coast to coast.

Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

Alford, conducts public and private seminars to educate consumers and special interest groups about Contingency planning and "Proactive Crisis Management"

His credo: The best time to learn about managing a crisis is before the event.

Following Hurricane Andrew, The Miami Children's Hospital and several other large employers retained Alford's coaching services to teach their displaced employees how to manage their hurricane damage recovery so that they could get back to work.

Guaranteed Learning Sessions

Unlike most workshops Alford, provides a 100% money back guarantee. At the outset of the workshop all attendees are provided with a question and report card to list their most important questions.

Before the end of the workshop every person in the audience will get the answers to their questions on this card or their fee is refunded. Moreover, everyone gets to complete a REPORT CARD to provide honest and timely feedback to the sponsors and Alford.



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